Redding to Dunsmuir, CA


Yup, that’s Misty hanging on the balcony of the Thunderbird Lodge in downtown Redding, CA waiting for a bag of crystal from Darryl who lives in his van at the Stardust Motel.  Or maybe she’s just waiting on me, so we can get the hell out of Redding and head up to Dunsmuir, CA for a snowy weekend of Real Americana.  Redding is a beautiful downtown, especially if you like signs.  Otherwise it’s a maze of streets that don’t go anywhere, and mess of strip malls and big box stores.  Except downtown.  Downtown is a retro paradise with cheap motels, taquerias, and cocktail lounges.  We hung out at the T-Bird, then hightailed it to Dunsmuir, formerly Pusher, CA , a little railroad mountain town buried in a blizzard.  Dunsmuir is amazing, and if you don’t like river swimming in the frigid Sacramento, check out the community pool or the private pool at the Cave Springs Motel…

The slideshow: Redding to Dunsmuir, CA




The Americana Lodge, the Stardust Motel, and the T-Bird Lodge and Pool, all in beautiful downtown Redding, CA (from top).








Cave Springs Motel, downtown Dunsmuir, the Dunsmuir Cafe, a mural in downtown Dunsmuir, the community pool, and Misty and David outside the California Theatre (from top).


2 responses to “Redding to Dunsmuir, CA

  1. Welcome to Dunsmuir – Americana with a great twist – fabulous restaurants. Stay long enough to try them all, Cornerstone Cafe, The Wild Thyme Cafe, Sengthongs (music on the weekend) Cafe Maddalena and The Brown Trout! Stay warm.

  2. Thanks Joanne. We loved Dunsmuir, a really pretty town, with some amazing and kind people going out of their way to ensure we enjoyed ourselves. We definitely plan on visiting more often…

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